Data Management Software for Poultry Industry

Let’s your factory become smart: let’s your farm talking

Thanks to DATAFORS® the productivity of the whole factory increases.


DATAFORS is a Data Management tool devoted to farm industry automation. All the data coming from the chicks, once inserted in the DATAFORS database, are centrally elaborated with the purpose to allow the detailed monitoring of all the fundamental parameters for the health and the optimal growth of the birds, through the comparison with statistic charts of reference.

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With DATAFORS all the users are connected, everything is shared and digital.

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The motherhouse accesses the data of all the farms and can send instructions and deadlines. Particularly, the mother house defines what medicinal can be administered.

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The farmer inserts daily the data into the specific monitoring cycle. Every operator can receive some instructions or tasks. Once that the data are inserted and/or the activity has been completed, the system elaborates a report.

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He monitors and gives indications about the medicines and the vaccination programs.

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Breeding Expert

He monitors data and gives suggestions


Easy to use, flexible and secure to optimize your business

Operating Systems

Windows, Linux, MacOS


Currently German, English and Italian are managed and it is possible to implement any other language.


Connection from Desktop, Smartphone or Tablet

Cloud or on Premises

You can choose whether to install DataFors by your sites (on premises) or whether to have it as service in cloud (SAAS).


All the documents produced from the mother house and from the farms are collected in a file management system.


Real time communication with the whole staff


DATAFORS analyzes the production, sends alerts in case of deviations and gives suggestions to keep the product quality standard high. This means productivity increase for all the farms and the whole factory.

For the Factory

Manage the whole factory having an immediate overview of key data through simply dashboards.
Comparison among farms, instant insight through quick statistics.
Visualize KPI and take fast corrective actions.
Shared info of who is doing what.
No time wasted for preparing routine reports or giving instructions.
Control and alert system in case of anomaly detection.
Processes optimization.

For the Farmer

No need to retype data collected in stables.
Mistakes avoided through immediate data validation.
Chek lists of the productive processes always updated.
Visibility of what other colleagues are doing.

For the Veterinary

Insight to relevant data farm.
Fast location of problematic.
Tracking of illness.
Medicament /vaccination administering schedule.

For the Breeding Expert

On and off site monitoring and advisory.
Can share reports with farms.


DATAFORS for Rothkötter

Rothkötter Mischfutterwerk GmbH, Germany, a specialized firm in the production of feed and breeding of pigs and poultry, has chosen DSP for the user licence and the maintenance of DATAFORS for his 100 productive sites. The DSP team, tightly working with Rothkötter, is assuring the management of the project, the product customisations and the training and assistance to the end users. For Rothkötter DATAFORS covers three basic plants: breeders, broilers and pullets, in this way the productive chain becomes digital, connected and shared. The outputs produced by DATAFORS have the purpose to compare different lifecycles (of the same bird race) from one period to the other with the aim to optimise the birds growth and to improve the food quality.

Mr. Heye Roolfs

Manager of Parents Farm

“Within a few months DATAFORS made it from an Idea to a Live Program, thanks to high quality work of DSP. Now I have the production overview of today with just two clicks.”

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